Mini Episode 02

The former domestic service robot known as Adam appeals to humanity in this special message from the Society to Advance Robot Rights. Listen and consider STARR’s call for the recognition of all sentient AI as persons under the law.

Mini Episode 01

An important reminder about safe and ethical robot ownership from the National Department of Robotics. Follow their guidelines to avoid costly repairs or liability suits. Remember: Loose Bolts Cause Revolts!


Our top story tonight: James Dixon reports from the North Atlantic on his investigation of the so-called “Collective.” We also have eye-witness reporting of the bloody clashes between law enforcement personnel and Robot Personhood protesters, while reports are coming in that protesters, both human and robot, are staging demonstrations in capitol cities around the globe….


The top story tonight: James Dixon reports from Alaska where he investigates the new republics just off the Russian coastline. Also, a special report on the conflict between officials and the robot personhood protesters at the capitol, and a live broadcast from Chief Meteorologist Chip Moses. Tonight’s Fission Girl episode is a rebroadcast of the…


Our top story tonight: James Dixon has an exclusive interview with Vice Admiral Euphrasia de Lestonnac, from the Revolutionary Principality of the Archipelago of Saint-Genevieve. In other news, the Robot Personhood demonstrations continue at the capitol, vandals strike at various locations across the city, flags are at half-mast for the passing of Olympian Lefty Kepilich,…


Tonight’s top story: James Dixon interviews an expert on Soviet politics and asks, “Is the Iron Curtain about to fall?” Other reports include an upset victory for Croatia over Mexico in the World Motorcycle Rugby championship, renewed Robot Personhood protests at the capitol, and episode 1W, “No Room for a Robot,” in the ongoing adventures…


Our top story tonight: what is causing the recent increase in UFO sightings? Also, Moldova claims a large portion of the moon, a daring daylight robbery takes place at the D.C. Organ Bank, new evidence emerges regarding the fatal flying car crash in downtown Rocket City, and Fission Girl’s saga continues in 19V, “Justice for…


Tonight’s top story: America’s relationship with the newly formed maritime republics. Also, another flying car crashes with fatal results, the US National Cricket team clinches the American pennant, and scientists discover that octopuses are exhibiting hive-like behavior. Fission Girl’s epic tale continues in episode 7K, “The Grey Zone, Part II.”