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Edison Auto is a proud sponsor of the Planetary Broadcast Network, and the exclusive supplier of the PBN News Wagons. These turbocharged beauties get PBN reporters to the scene in record time—sometimes even before the police! Stop by your local dealer to see our full line of American-made automobiles, from the luxurious Titan Roadyacht, to the sporty Peregrine coupe. Or, if you’re ready for the future today, take a Jetsonic Aerostar 2000 for a test drive—oops, that should say, test flight! That’s right, the flying car of your childhood dreams is a reality now, at Edison Auto.

Jibble brand gelatin is the official instant gelatin of the Planetary Broadcast Network, and the smart homemaker’s secret weapon. With Jibble in your pantry, you’ll never be at a loss for recipe ideas again. Its quick-hardening formula comes in a rainbow of flavors, suitable for both desserts and main courses. Choose from our classic lime, strawberry, or durian flavors, or try our newest line of vegetable flavors, including artichoke, broccoli, and rutabaga. With Jibble, every meal is a flavor surprise, so Get Jibble and Get Cooking!

American Robotics believes in ethical innovation in every field, so they are proud to help support the Planetary Broadcast Network’s commitment to bringing quality journalism to the citizens of this great nation.  AR’s newest model, the Cronkite Mk. 4 Camerabot, is currently in use in PBN offices around the world, providing gyroscopically stabilized film footage in even the roughest environments. American Robotics: Helping You Do More.

Better Homes and Launchpads is the leading magazine for women who expect more from their lives. For the latest in home décor, gourmet recipes, furniture, lighting, radiation shielding, and more, pick up the latest issue of Better Homes and Launchpads, a proud sponsor of the Planetary Broadcast Network.

Isotope Communications  has been making communication equipment since the earliest days of radio telegraphy, and they’ve been working with the Planetary Broadcast Network for almost as long. Today, Isotope Communications is proud to produce over 40 different transmitters and receivers, from sleek hand-held models that let you listen to the big game, all the way up to the parabola on top of the iconic Hertz building in Rocket City. If you listen to the radio, chances are you’ve used a SignalMax 32C. Check out our newest innovation: a radiophone that packs a transmitter and receiver into one unit. Isotope Communications is a proud sponsor of the PBN Evening News, and PBN reporters use these sleek, briefcase-sized units out in the field to get the story first.