PBN Episode 04 – “Countries, Countries Everywhere!”

The top story tonight: James Dixon interviews a spokesman for the Independent Republic of Free Capitalist Possum Island about the sudden surge in new maritime republics around the world. Additional reports include details on the “Brotherhood of the Nucleus” commune, the biological sentience bill in the Senate, and a scientist who talks with ravens. The…

PBN Episode 03 – “Where Are Your Tax Dollars Going?”

Tonight’s top story: unexplained amendments to Senate bills. Why are your taxes funding new independent republics in the South Pacific? Also, a freak EMP pulse causes a multiday traffic jam, NASA officials deny that a massive meteor is headed for Earth, and Fission Girl Episode 15M, “Saucers Ahoy!”

PBN Episode 02 – “Unrest in the South Pacific”

Our top story tonight: a new island republic declares its independence in the South Pacific, amidst reports of increased piracy in the region. In other news, the first fatal crash involving Edison Autos’ flying car, a report on an important rules change by the World Cricket Council, the inspiring story of simian astronaut Dr. Bubbles,…

PBN Episode 01 – “Lost at Sea”

Our top story tonight: the USS Nebrahoma is lost at sea, presumably destroyed. Also, reports on the new flying car by Edison Autos, First Lady Helena Morrow’s youth initiative, and the hottest trends from Fashion Fortnight. Weather by Chip Moses, and the latest adventure of Fission Girl—episode 8A, “Deep Fission.”

PBN Episode 0 – Welcome to the Planetary Broadcast Network

On July 4th, join our award-winning anchor, James Dixon, as he delivers the PBN Evening News, covering international events, sports, weather, exclusive interviews, and more. Whether you’re an earnest young Gravity Scout, a businessman off to work in his new flying car, or a housewife programming the domestic bots to make dinner, you’re certain to…